Every Internet Marketer Should Read This!

May 30

Every Internet Marketer Should Read This!

Mary Meeker is an analyst who puts together a “state of the union” address each year about the whole Internet. She always has incredibly insightful things to say, and the information she provides often gives a heads up about opportunities that we can take advantage of before they go mainstream. I make sure I spend quality time with it every single year.

Here are some take aways from this year

  • Facebook is the ONLY social media site used LESS in 2012 than in 2011
  • Smartphone users use their phones 150x per day
  • For total media consumption, print and radio are down to 20%, Mobile and Internet are up to 38% while TV remains flat at 42%
  • The bigger issue for media consumption is THIS though! – Even though Mobile and Internet make up 38% of the time spent consuming media, only 25% of the ad spend goes here.  AND the time spent here is going up…unlike TV which is flat at 42% and ad spend is flat at 43%.  Bottom line, we are THE GROWTH AREA OF THE WHOLE DARN UNIVERSE
  • Snapchat growth shows that “disappearing content” is huge
  • We are likely entering a new stage of computing , moving from mobile to wearable…very interesting
  • DropCam – The new “Youtube” and skype?

You really just need to spend a few minutes going through this.  Grab it here.


  1. SteveB /

    Is there a way to get the audio with this presentation?

  2. I don’t think so…sorry!

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