A COMPLETELY New Opportunity for eCommerce Sites?

Jun 13

A COMPLETELY New Opportunity for eCommerce Sites?

We have spent many years building niche eCommerce sites for retail customers and have largely avoided any B2B opportunities (example…selling packaging materials to any company that ships its own stuff…essentially selling to a business instead of a retail customer through your eCommerce site).  We’ve avoided these customers because the adoption rate of these types of customers has been pretty low.  However, that appears to be changing in a big way.

According to a recent study the B2B market is booming.  It only makes sense really.  As the overall retail usage of eCommerce sites increases, it’s only logical that those same folks would turn to eCommerce sites when they need to purchase things for their business.

I believe this represents a whole new growth area for people like us.  I know that we’re going to undertake a brainstorming project to consider building sites that ONLY serve the B2B market.  As you consider expanding your portfolio of eCommerce sites…don’t leave any B2B opportunities out!

Here is a link to the study by B2B magazine


  1. I used to work selling to the building trade and I always thought there was a market in building related products being sent out. A lot of parts are pretty specific. If people need something repaired in their house from say 20 years ago – so it will be mailed out – the local store won’t have it, they will just take the order and get it in.

    A lot of the skill is working out what the modern equivalent is. This is the sort of thing that a website would be ideal for. Type in the old part number and got told the equivalent.

    With mobile phones this could mean that builders could sort out the parts well on site rather than have to have long phone calls or go to a branch to make the order. You could probably even sign up major firms to use it if you could convince them it would save time/money.

    The great thing about B2B is that they will have things they need. Its not a question of should they buy but rather choosing where to buy from. They will also spend larger sums of money like this without thinking (many building parts can be £300+ and if you need it you need it.) than a individual shopper ever would.

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