It’s Official – Internet Marketing is Now CREEPY! – Go Online Even After Death!

Jun 17

It’s Official – Internet Marketing is Now CREEPY! – Go Online Even After Death!

Well, I guess it was bound to happen.

Internet marketing and your online presence will now follow you onto death.

I’ve been reading more and more reports about people including QR codes on their tombstones. Typically, when scanned, these point to a web page that is about the deceased. It’s a way for the family to maintain a “presence” online and to celebrate the life and times of their loved ones. Rather than simply having a quick 2 or 3 lines, they can have a whole web site dedicated to the dearly departed. Here’s an example of one company doing this.

You all know where we’re headed now…right?  I mean, how far away can FacesofDeathBook be?  Do you “like” my headstone?  Check out this selfie of me in my coffin.  Checking in at memorial drive.  Yikes…scary stuff.


  1. I have had a very similar idea after my brother passed away a few years ago, always though it was sad that in a generation or two we are really forgotten forever. Using this or other forms of technology would be a great way to “last forever”. I don’t know if the QR Code method will really last with all the new innovation out there. Have you used QR codes? You have to fire up an app (after you find it), scan it in and then are taken to a static website. Felt that using proximity or augmented reality would be a better way to interact. Imagine an app using your phones camera/GPS/location to actually see a living image or video of the deceased loved one overlayed on the screen? I need to get a kickstarter campaign setup with a prototype app/sensor.. Does anyone think this would be a good idea and would want to live on forever?

  2. I think it is a great idea. I am a retired Preachier. I’ve said for years, that I’d like to preach and video record my on funeral sermon. This could just take it to the next level.

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