Easy, New SEO Tactic that Will Make a Huge Difference

Aug 01

Easy, New SEO Tactic that Will Make a Huge Difference

Aidan Booth and I work very closely together, especially with SEO tactics and techniques.  We meet weekly to review our own sites progress, evaluate tactics, put together or change plans, and to manage the teams that handle our clients’ outsourced SEO needs.   It was one of these meetings where we developed this technique.

It’s deceptively simple but will have an enormous impact on your SEO efforts or those of your outsourcers.

Aidan put together a blog post and a really FANTASTIC 26 minute video of the whole process right here.  There’s nothing to sign up for, nothing to purchase, just great free content.

Check out the material right here!

One comment

  1. Hi,

    Just watched the videos. They are well worth checking out. Looks a little bit similar to the old authority hub methods.

    What I am really surprised at is the low number of links that seem to be required.

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