FOR REAL – Case Study on Building Links

Jun 05

FOR REAL – Case Study on Building Links

I get asked ALL the time…”but, how do I actually…for reals…build the darn links”

Came across this EXCELLENT case study for a blog, but, the process can be used for any site. ┬áThis is not new or some secret sauce…it’s just the for real, in the trenches link building. ┬áRead this and do something very similar for any site you’re seo’ing…it works.

Check out the post here


  1. SteveB /

    Steve, I have been reading alot about Penguin 2.0 and have heard that they took the anchor text variation to even a deeper level then before and that its much more complex. I need to be assured that these changes will be implemented into SEO blueprint and I hope in the next webinar you will be talking about this!

  2. We will, for sure…but, the ink isn’t really dry on Penguin 2.0 and We’re not certain what the impact is/will be. So far, it’s been kind of a yawner. We’re all waiting for another shoe to drop.

  3. How about the links from high traffic Web2.0 streams, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn?

    Would anchors matter so much in that case, anymore?


    • In general, anchor text matters much less now…and that certainly includes any “web 2.0″ links.

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