Penguin 2.0 – What the heck is happening here??

Jun 08

Penguin 2.0 – What the heck is happening here??

I’ve gotten tons of questions about this.  There was much gloom and doom and gnashing of teeth as Matt Cutts told us that the sky was going to fall (again) with Penguin 2.0.

To me…it’s been a bit of a yawner.  Not really seeing too much from it, but, here’s the first bit of analysis that I’ve come across that really tries to dive deeply into what it could be and how it has affected one German site in particular.  Don’t worry about it being a German site, the data and analysis are valuable no matter where you are

Check it out here


  1. Steve,

    I tried to read this article, but got so lost I just gave up. Am I that stupid or was it just hard to understand for an ordinary person?


    • It’s pretty darn technical…but everyone has been asking for details…so…thought I’d share.

      Just take it piece by piece…it’s a bit overwhelming at first glance.

  2. Hello!! Please update her the entire information of latest penguin or panda update with brief description.

  3. Dave /


    Do you use this software yourself?



    • We don’t Dave…we use something similar and we’re developing something for our customers too.

  4. Personally I didn’t experience any problems with the latest update. I think the big change was last year. This again highlights the problem of paying too much attention to Matt Cutts – you never know when he says something is important if it will actually matter to you or not.

    I did find the note about re-directs changing interesting. I don’t like the idea of penalties being passed on by a re-direct at all.

  5. My ecommerce site has dropped from #3 to #8 over the last 10 days or so? The sites above me aren’t new on the first page, I’ve just been judged less worthy by Google. Most of them are amazon, overstock type sites, so I am assuming it is a change in the authority ranking priority in the Google algorithm and I need to add pertinent content?

    • It’s likely also just the normal “dance”…may mean pretty much nothing, but the correct response is normally just keep building quality links.

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